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    Airport Extreme setup with my ISP doesn't work for Internet viewing


      My Slingbox Pro works inside my house (sometimes), but Internet viewing does not, and that is what I need it for.


      My setup includes an Intel dual core MacBook (OS X 10.5.8), an Airport Extreme, with the Slingbox Pro connected to my Dish Network receiver (322) and a SlingLink TURBO, which communicates with a SlingLink TURBO W1 Adapter (all plugged directly into wall sockets) in a different room.  The SlingLink Adapter is connected to the Airport Extreme base station in the LAN port, and the Airport Extreme is plugged in to a Westell A90 240050-04 modem.


      The problem seems to be that my internet connection from my ISP is a 10.X.X.X number, with which my computer and printer work fine, but it cannot be accessed by the Slingbox.  My ISP gave me a Static IP Address 216.xxx.xxx.xxx, a subnet mask (different from the one that works for the 10.x.x.x), and an Internet Gateway with a 216.xxx.xxx.xxx number.  (If you should need the exact numbers to help me, I can give them to you.)


      My ISP says they do not block any ports, so that should not be an issue.


      I tried setting the Airport Extreme to the 3 new numbers from the ISP, but then nothing works, but I do not know how to set up the Airport Extreme to use both the numbers I have now and the new set.  Can it be done with the DHCP range?  Or can it give it 2 alternative settings?  If so, how?  Or is there some other solution?


      After spending a week trying settings, bringing everything to a collapse, getting my Internet connection back up and running, and 11 zillion other approaches, including hours with a Slingbox tecnician, I am at my wit's end.  Any help will be truly appreciated.  The Slingbox technician says my ISP has to open the 10.xx.x.x for the Slingbox, but the ISP says that is not possible, and the other numbers they gave me should do it.  If I only knew how to set up the Airport Extreme to work with both my home network (computer and printer) AND the Slingbo numbers, all should work.  But how?


      HELP!!!  And thanks for any suggestions you can give me.