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    Problem With DirectTV HD Receiver H25-500 Not Showing Up In Setup


      Hi all,


      I just switched from Cablevision to DirectTV and am having what I think is a problem with the new hd box I am trying to setup to work with my slingbox hd pro.


      The setup: I am using the red, white, and yellow outputs of the Directtv unit(model# H25-500) into the same inputs on the slingbox hd pro. In setup, I am getting audio and video with no problem using the composite inputs. When I try to search for the new satellite box in the setup, I get nothing.


      My 2 questions:


      1) Is this the right place to ask if this new box will be supported in a future firmware release?


      2) Should I go ahead and experiment with the satellite box to see how much control I can get using the composite connections and whatever type of remote that gets created at the end of the setup process?