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    Full Screen not working when connected to TV


      When I have my Mac connected to my TV and am watching the  Slingbox, and then switch to full screen, the image switches/moves from  my TV back to my computer screen. I cannot watch full screen on my TV  anymore. I used to be able to watch it in full screen but then one day  it stopped working and not sure why. I've tried using Safari and Firefox  and neither works. If I'm watching a movie through iTunes though, the  computer-to-TV full screen works fine. Not sure why Slingbox doesn't. Is  anyone experiencing this or have any advice?


      Here's some additional info that may be helpful:

      Computer: MacBook OS X 10.6.8

      TV: Vizio HD VX37L

      Connection: RGB cable

      Slingbox: HD, firmware version 2.1.90