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    Box wont reset.


      my slingbox is on, the power light is on, but not the network light.  the connected light (upside down U) is on like someone is on the box, stays on solid.  i tried resetting the box with the reset button, but that doesnt work, nothing happens.  i think the box is somehow frozen.  anyway to repair, or should i just throw it in the trash and buy another one?

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          Hi, BuddhaKid


          I understand that you are having some issues with your Slingbox since it does not show the network light and does not respond to the reset.


          Most of the times, the symptoms you described are related to a faulty Power Supply unit. With this ins mind, I recommend you to contact the technical support department, in order to get a replacement for the faulty Power Supply.


          Contact Sling Media Support