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    Connecting Sling Catcher with wireless bridge.


      Has anyone successfully connected a Sling Catcher to a wireless N network via wireless bridge to view SlingBox ProHD content over the local network?


      I have a SB ProHD downstairs hardwired to my Linksys Wireless N Router, and I have a SlingCatcher upstairs connected to the same router via Linksys WET610 wireless bridge.  Using the SlingCatcher to view the slingbox from downstairs, I lock up in less than one minute after streaming.  After the lockup, I am unable to reconnect to the slingbox until I cycle power on the SLINGBOX (not catcher).  I am able to watch the slingbox from any PC on my home network connected via wireless N.  So no problems there...  Also, I am able to use the same slingcatcher to via a different slingbox Pro over the Internet with no lockups.


      The problem appears to be related to using the slingcatcher with Linksys WET610 to connect to a ProHD on the local network.  I have read where others have had this same issue.  Does anyone have a workaround with the WET610 bridge, or can anyone recommend a different wireless N bridge that works?  I have tried everything.  Help!!!