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      Well first I bought a slingbox pro,and after trying to get the damm thing to update,I pretty well convinced myself the product was faulty,so i sent it back and they swapped it for a slingbox solo and they also through in the slinglink turbo,and thinking that my problems should be over,to my horror,the same problem accured,with this one as well,now to let you know what I've tried so far,I'am running windows 7 with the latest updates,the computer is fast enough and my router is a netgear MBR624gu which is quite adequate its wifi and wireless,my modem is attached to the router,I've got the latest version of slingplayer for windows7,and also use the internet version watch,it finds my slingbox alright,and starts the update automatically,however it only ever gets to 50%and and hangs there for about 3 - 4 minutes and then jumps straight to 100%,and says an error accured do you want to retry,and it just keeps doing the same thing over and over,however when I open slingplayer i get video and sound perfically for about 20 seconds and then freezes up,and thats all I ever get, it seems I'am so close yet so far,I've tried hooking this thing up direct to the router,wireless,and every which way but loose,but makes no diffrence, never in my life have i seen such a good idea,be totally usless. thank you.