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    Slingbox Pro Works in Slingplayer but not Web




      I have this strange issue with my Pro running 1.4.2 firmware.  I decided since I saw the Mac app is no onger supported I was going to start using the web to watch.  The only problem is the web viewing doesn't work.  It either says "Unable to connect" or it says "Internet is too slow, disconnected" and doesn't work.  I find this weird because the internet speeds on both sides are really good.  The Slingbox is connected to a 20Mbs download/20Mbs upload connection and I am attemptin to connect via a 50Mbs down/1Mbs up connection.  Both are working at full capacity right now.  I even set up the port forwarding on the router and it still didn't help.  Again, the weird part is it that the Mac application connects fine, no problems and looks fine.  I connect via the App using the locator, not a direct connection so it should be using the same method via web.  Any ideas?