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    Slingbox from the outside world


      hi all,

      I'm posting this issue after several hours and troubleshooting,

      First of all, I think I found an issue that might be important,

      My home gateway is simens sl2-141, which acting as modem + router.

      It's working with the default IP configuration of Bezeq in Israel:



      All of my computs gets

      But my sling box got:


      The difrrances in the subnets cuased my some connectivity issues from my router towards the



      Beside this, I'm having problems to watch remotely from the WWW!

      My problem is via all interfaces,

      1. PC 1 (win 7 wireless, location 1)

      2. iPhone (wirelesss location 1& 3G)

      3. IPad (wireless location 1)

      4. PC 2 (win 7 wireless location 2)


      But from:

      1. PC 3 in location 3

      2. PC 4 in location 4

      I'm succeeding to watch it as should!

      When It's fail watch, I'm experiencing these stages:

      1. I'm able to connect my directory

      2. I'm able to connect the device

      3. In the application I'm passing the both stage of "connecting" & "optimizing"

      4. The loading circle keep "thinking" but no media shown.


      1. The auto installation wizard is unable to provision my box automatically.

      2. I configured my router to have as my DMZ route.

      3. I configured port forwarding TCP 5001 and 447 (after I changed it in the slingbox as well to match 443) and still could not watch it remotely.


      Any ideas!!?????? ;(((

      I'm still in the stage of isolating the problem....and it's not that positive for me..

      On Sunday I'm planing to replace the home gateway where the sling box is located to an ADSL+ modem + TPLink router.


      If any one got any direction or know this issue, I will be glad for some feedbacks