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    have problems with audio pro hd


      i have  2 slingboxes they are connected together so the same output goes to first to the pro and them to prohd.  i have two providers directv and comcast. directv is connected to audio video and comcast connected to component. first it goes to the pro and them to the prohd. bassically i have to phones that i use a hd2 and a hd7. i was forced to buy the prohd because the hd7 but i dont regret because i have a best image and a better control of the dvrs.

      my problem is suddenly i lost the audio of comcast in the hd7, the hd2 is fine.


      dont know what to do?


      im searching for a phone number to explain and claim the warranty but i dont know where you can talk to somebody that can tell you what to do in this case?