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    M1 P-17 failure outside my private network

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      Hello Sling forum


      I've installed a M1, and everything just runs perfect when i'm on the same network as my sling.


      I've ran the configuration in app, and get the message that sling has internet cennection and have been added to my account, so far so good.


      But everytime i try to connect to my sling through the internet, i get the message

      "The Slingbox or Internet may be unreachable. Try connecting again.

      Click here for more information.



      I've enabled the uPnP function on my router,and it seems to recognize the M1 with correct IP address.


      Something seems wrong to me between my internet and my Sling account, but i just can't figure out what to do.


      Anyone have a clue for me?


      Thanks in advance