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    Dual Audio Problem


      When viewing TV/Cable through slingbox from remote location, I can hear the DVD that is being played on the TV to which my slingbox is attached.  Two audios streaming through the internet.  Anyone else have this problem and know what has caused it? 

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          dbsguy Apprentice

          It sounds like you miswired your connections from the source devices to the slingbox itself. Check your connections on the back of the slingbox and confirm that the dvd audio outs are connected to the same inputs on the back of the singbox and not cross wired with one lead going to another input.

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            alanrichey42 Master

            You don't say what type of Slingbox you are using, but if it is a Solo that is perfectly normal.  Although you can connect up to 3 video sources (composite, component and S-Video), you only have access to one audio source through the Red/White RCA Cables.   So you can have only one of the source devices powered up at one time.