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    Pro-Hd streaming slowed down recently


      Hope someone can help please?


      My Pro-HD was streaming consistently at 2250kbps from Florida via a 5Mb upload connection to the UK regardless of whether I was using the built-in QAM tuner or the Component Input which is connected to an HD cable box - the picture was excellent. My download speed in the UK is pretty solid at 12Mb. Two days ago I initially couldn't connect remotely to the Slingbox and then after a few hours I connected however now it is only streaming at 1250kbps and it has been like this ever since. I've ran speedtests at both ends and both appear to be fine i.e still showing nearly 5Mb upload in Florida and 12Mb download in the UK


      Is it possible one of the ISP's (UK or USA) has employed some sort of throttling? I'm using port 5001. Is there any way to tell?


      Another weird thing is that I can't connect to the Pro-HD box remotely via either the Web or PC interface however I can connect via the Ipad2 App, the Android App and also via my Slingcatcher


      Anyone experienced similar and found a cure?