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    New User - Trying to SetUp


      So I just purchased a SB Pro-HD and I want to know if I have to setup my SB via a router. My router and my cable box are in completely 2 different locations, does this mean I am forced to buy the SlingLink Turbo? Or, the other option is to move the router by the cable box I assume?


      I'd appreciate if someone can enlighten me on this matter


      Thanks in advance,



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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          My router is in a closet 25 feet from my TV and my SB.   In my case, I have an ethernet cable running under my rug from the router to a network switch, then the network switch has ethernet cables running from it to my SB, to my Tivo, to my desktop computer, plus two extra ethernet cables that sit coiled available for guest use.   But if you can't connect your SB to your router via a long ethernet cable, then I'm told that the Slinglink Turbo approach (involves a bridge through your house electrical wiring system) is the preferred alternative method.