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    image is distorted


      Hello i have a slingboxpro hd and from a week i have some problem with it.


      the image on remote computer after an hour of watching becomes distorted . here i attached a printscreen . after i restart the slingbox it works again but after a few minutes or maybe hours become again like this. What should be the problem ? i tried to change router to reconfigure slingbox and still same problem. The time when the image become unclear is mostly random i didn't find a pattern to see why is happens







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          Same here.  The problem is gone after switching to another input device and then back to the original input source.

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            Hi nordvesttv and bobbywong1, please provide more details about your set up, for example what type of Cablebox or Satelite Receiver are you using, if this only happens when you change the channels or after some time watching the same channel.


            Please provide more information so the community can help you better.