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    How to tell if Really are connected?


      Hi, I had my sling pro in storage for months. I just moved and plugged all back together again. Power is on and network light is on. How can I tell if it is connected to Internet properly? I just downloaded iPad player I get error message ." Sling player can't connect to your box. Make sure box is connected to Internet"


      Please help I am losing my mind!!!!




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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          When your Slingbox is connected to the Internet, then you should see it listed in your router, at the location where your router lists all devices connected to it.   Also, if you login to your account at http://support.slingbox.com, you should see all of the settings for your Slingbox, with public IP address and local IP address (the one that your programmed your router to assign as a static IP address) and the answer "Yes" to the column entry about "ready for internet viewing?"   If these all don't appear, then I would suggest re-runing the Slingbox setup routine.


          Also, if you have another computer on the same local area network as your SB, you should be able to ping the SB at the local area network that you have assigned to the Slingbox.