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    Solo feedback


      I work for major cable co. We have solo's in our headends to monitor channel line up and vod,sdv changes and to cut down on travel time.I have done the cap changes and have most back up and online. The last solo I did would not work(could not be found on network)no matter how many times I reset

      the box.It is attached to a ambit modem router combo with LAN side of power light and ethernet light solid.Never get a connection

      light in the circle.Take same unit home connect to a Linksys WRT54g lan side and can set up solo and will connect but still shows

      no light in the circle as being in the box.I cannot verfiy if the light was woorking before I got it.Now take the solo back to the headend,change the lan side

      to,forward ports 5001-5002 to is what it defaulted to on my lan)enable tcp/udp and all is well.Can connect from the outside from internet and corporate intranet. On initial setup, if found on your network ,the solo should pull an ip within your scope correct.And does not have a built in default ip?I would think not as I have never seen a browser type interface.