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    Experiencing Streaming Video Quality Issues


      Been running slingbox for about about 2 months with good quality, but this week have been running into signifcant issues with the video freezing up, very choppy even running on my home verizon fios network.   Use Verizon's highest speed service and connected directly to the slingbox with an ethernet cable.  Tried running thru the setup several times.  Any suggestions on how to troublehoot would be appreciated

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          dewdude Newbie

          This is what I've gathered from your first reply and base my response on. You have Verizon FiOS and even when at home, you're having issues with your Slingbox.


          First thing we should rule out is if there's a problem with your wifi connection to the router. This is pretty easy to determine if your WiFi is the issue by running a speed-test, or, connecting your computer to a wired network.


          Other than that, I'd check to make sure there's not a major issue with the network cable connecting your Slingbox to the network.