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    Slingbox Pro-HD streaming on MBP


      Hello all,


      Firstly, let me state that I have been a slingmedia customer for years. I got the Slingbox Pro when it first came out, and used it faithfully, nearly every day until it recently died, and would not get a network address. Tried the reset to factory settings, didnt work. Browsed the forums, many posts recommended replacing the AC adapter. Got one from Fry's today, didn't work. So, I bought a Slingbox Pro-HD from Best Buy, hooked it up, changed the network setting appropriate to my network, etc., got video.


      Here is my question. During setup it says "Currently, SlingPlayer for Mac does not support HD streaming. You will be able to watch video from your Slingbox PRO-HD in standard definition."


      Also, right on the bottom of the box:


      "FOR HIGH DEFINITION: Steaming in HD-resolutions on the Macintosh is not yet available. For up-to-date information, pleae check support.slingbox.com"


      Now, I have it running via the software in "standard definition", but the video is beyond choppy. I am getting anywhere from 5000Kbps to 8000Kbps on my HD channels. It plays smoothly for about 0.75 seconds, then freezes for about 1.5 seconds. Closed, reopened, restarted laptop, no help.


      Specs: Fall 2010 model Macbook Pro. 3.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo. 8 GB 1.33 GHz DDR3 RAM. Mac OS X Lion, 10.7.


      Now, all of the information via the software, and the box says that HD is not supported on the Mac. Problem is with the following:


      http://support.slingbox.com/go/downloads-mac Says that Singbox Solo and Pro-HD is NOT supported on the Mac. And the following:


      If you are still using the desktop version of SlingPlayer for Mac, you will receive a software update notification for the next few weeks. That application is no longer being developed and, if you are using it with a Slingbox SOLO orSlingbox PRO-HD, you are missing out on the new web-based SlingPlayer and the lastest Slingbox Software updates. These updates are required if you are using SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad.


      To get those updates, you will need to use Watch on Slingbox.com. Just click on the button above.


      We will be turning off this notification soon. If you have an older Slingbox that requires you to use the desktop version of SlingPlayer for Mac, we're sorry for the inconvenience of that update message. The desktop version of SlingPlayer for Mac has not been updated. We just have a brand new (and better) player option for those with the latest Slingbox models.


      http://support.slingbox.com/go/dl-mac-desktop States the current version is 1.0.10. This was the initial release. I suspect that SlingMedia just released the software so they could get the coveted Mac Compatible certification, then it became abandonware.


      I also suspect that the video "jitter" I am experiencing is due to having OS X Lion.


      I am joining the others in pleading SlingMedia to at least get the software up to the current PC specs. Do NOT force us to use 32-bit Adobe Flash software, which has verified memory leaks, security issues, and HIGH CPU usage (mobile has always been double CPU usage of the native app).


      My intention is NOT to start a flame war, or to use profane stances, I am simply voicing my ongoing concern with the lack of Mac support from SlingMedia. I love the product, but my new Pro-HD is unusable freezing the video all the time, and being forced to use Firefox or Safari (Uninstalled Safari as soon as I got my Mac, and I had to download Firefox to even test this. Google Chrome rocks).



      Sam Barnhouse


      attach: Screenshot of the notice during video setup

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          Oh yes, additional network information:


          My home network is running a Gig-E network, Wireless-N, and my ISP is 65Mbps down and 7.5 up. So I have zero issues with bandwidth both at home, and remotely.


          Edit 1: The 'jitter' issue is also occuring on my work MacBook Pro, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, 10.6.8. Also on my LG Revolution both on WiFi and on external cellular network using Verizon Wireless 4G, and on my desktop PC, Windows 7, using the Slingplayer software.

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            Hi Barnhouse,


            Using a Mac computer, you can get HD using your Slingbox PRO-HD only if you use the Web-based SlingPlayer at Watch.slingbox.com. If you have the SlingPlayer for Mac installed, you can connect but you will get video in Standard Definition. Have you tried to connect using the web-based player? Do you have the same behavior using that version?


            It's important to determine if the video issue that you are experiencing is being caused by the configuration, or the Slingbox settings. Is the Slingbox hardwired to the router using a regular Ethernet cable no longer than 7ft long or are you using a bridge for the connection? Also confirm that the Slingbox is not located on top of a hot surface like a DVR, cable box or the satellite receiver.


            Finally, I recommend to power cycle the network to refresh the IP; you just need to disconnect the modem, the router and the Slingbox from the power outlet, wait a few minutes and then connect them back to the power; first the modem, wait to get all the lights back on, connect the router and then the Slingbox. Have you tried a Reset to the Slingbox?


            Let us know how it works



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                Yes. I tried installing Firefox, same result. Tried on my PC using the web verison, same result. Tried to replace the AC adapter with a universal I had handy, worked for a while, but only at the 4.2v setting.


                So, I took it back, exchanged it for another. Mac SlingPlayer software works great (except for the SPDIF input for audio -- suspect my cable box). Been using it fairly heavy for about a week an a half, no issues until today. It started its old behavior of playing about 2 seconds of video, pausing the video, but sound is perfect. The bandwidth streaming display in the lower corner says that my network stream is playing at over 6,000 Kbps. Sometimes it will dip below 5,000 Kbps, on my local network, wireless. A device reboot temorarily resolves the issue.


                Going to take it back to Best Buy again tomorrow for another exchange. Thank goodness I got the black tie coverage with it. Any idea why this is going on, to so many customers?