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    android slingplayer and echostar hds-600rs




      I'm in the UK & have slingbox pro hd here which I access via my htc hd2 windows mobile phone, my wifes sony ericsson experia arc android phone, various windows laptops/netbooks & I have a slingcatcher in Bulgaria. Today I bought & installed a echostar hds-600rs slingloaded freesat pvr, I can access both the pro hd & the hds-600rs via a netbook on the local network in my home but I am unable to find the new echostar hds-600rs in the directory of my htc hd2 windows mobile phone, & with my wifes sony android phone I'm unable to find how to view my slingbox directory let alone see if tthe new echostar is listed there.


      I would be in your debt if anyone is able to help in any way, up until today I have managed to solve any issues by refering to faq's & searching this forum,but as this is a uk specfic device & a new one at that I'm unable to find any info about these issues.


      Thank you for your time & would like to that all input is welcome.




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          Hi Guys,



          I figured it out so I will post my error in case someone else makes the same mistake.


          As the new device appeared on my netbook (local area) I had presumed it was in my directory, this was my mistake it was not in my directory & was only showing on the netbook because it was on the same local network. Once I realalised this I logged into my sling account & added the Echostar manually. then it appeared in the directory on the android phone, A message appeared on the android phone saying it was incompatable, but it seems to be ok.