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    General Connection Question


      I have been using my Slingbox Pro HD since approx April 2011.  I have been having intermittent issues to log in the whole time.  Some weeks it will work flawlessly while other weeks I go one, two, three days in a row where it says it cannot connect to my slingbox.  I try connecting from the Sling Catcher, my Ipod, my computer and always get the same responses.  Then one day it will just magically will work with no rhyme or reason.  My friend in the US says his internet is not timing out on a regular basis (and for sure not for days in a row)  Is this normal?  Or could there be something wrong with the setup?  I have tried updating the softwares.  I have tried resetting the Sling box/catcher.   I am running out of ideas.  If its normal behavior then so be it, but it is getting quite frustrating.  Any feedback would be great.


      Only setup doubt I have had is that my friend doesnt have a two dedicated cable outlets (one for internet and one for TV) in the same room.  So what we did was split the outlet he normally was running direct to his router and ran it instead one of the cables to the router and the other to the slingbox cable input.  I didnt think it was going to work but the only other option was to set it up in another room and then get the internet connection via Slinglink Turbo wireless which I also had concerns over the speed.   Could me splitting the cable be causing intermittet issues?  Would it be better to to purchase the Slinglink Turbo?