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    Virgin Tivo + Slingbox Pro + 3D content from Virgin


      Hi there,


      I've been owning a Slingbox Pro for a while now. Everything was running great until I upgrade my V+ box to Tivo.
      As many users, I can't use my Slingbox anymore due to the lack of component connections on the Tivo.
      I've read that an HDFury3 adapter will help me, converting properly my HDMI to component. I'm happy with this solution even if it costs a lot.


      Now I'm facing another problem. My TV is 3D ready and I watch some 3D content from time to time. Because the HDFury is HDMI 1.3 and 3D requires HDMI 1.4, I guess I will lose the possibility to watch any 3D content from Virgin.


      I've read online that the 3DFury was in developement and I'm happy with the specs allowing HDMI 1.4 in input and component in output: Specifications | 3D Fury


      Will this 3DFury adapter should fix my problem, enjoying at the same time my Slingbox when I'm travelling and 3D content when I'm at home? I really don't want to change the cabling everytime I want to watch 3D or am travelling.
      With my previous box, I had to switch from component to HDMI 1.4 every time and that was quite annoying so was hoping to fix all my problems with this converter.


      In case I'm right, does this connection correct:
      Tivo -> HDMI 1.4 -> 3DFury -> component -> Slingbox -> HDMI 1.4 -> 3DTV


      Last question: Any idea when the 3DFury should be available?


      Thanks for your answers.