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    Thinking about upgrading to PRO-HD.  Some questions


      I've been using a Slingbox Pro for several years, primarily to placeshift my TiVo to computers in other rooms over wired 10/100 Ethernet.  Recently I updated to a TiVo HD, so I've been considering also upgrading the Slingbox.


      I'm already on the fence about this because the video resolution of my current Slingbox is mostly acceptable for the screen sizes and viewing distances involved.  But if the PRO-HD has some improvements in other areas, that might be enough to sway me.  So, aside from the higher resolution, I had some questions about the capabilities of the PRO-HD, especially in the context of controlling a TiVo over a LAN.


      1) How is the on-screen remote control delay compared to the Pro?  The Pro is useable, but faster is always welcome.  At a minimum it should be no slower.


      2) One of the annoyances with the TiVo HD is that while the video output is HD, the menus are still in SD.  On the Pro this can cause several seconds of garbled video as the Slingbox resynchronizes.  Can anyone comment on how reliable/fast the PRO-HD is at resyncing the component input between 480i and 720p/1080i?  As with #1, it should, at a minimum, be no worse than the Pro.


      3) My understanding is that, though the PRO-HD has an SPDIF input, the encoded audio stream is still only 2.0 stereo, correct?.  In that case I would just continue using the analog audio out to connect to the Slingbox.  If the PRO-HD could encode 5.1 audio then it might be worth it to hook up the digital audio, but since the TiVo only has optical out, it sounds like it wouldn't be worth the expense to install an optical-to-RCA converter.

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          ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

          Hi psecinaro,


          I'm not sure about the HD resync or optical audio questions you raised, I haven't run into those issues before.


          I can say that the on-screen remote will do what you're asking.  There is some delay and jerkiness when you start using the remote just like any Slingbox, but it's certainly not slower than the Pro.  It's fast enough that I can edit out commercials on my DVD/Hard Disk recorder before burning to disc without getting frustrated.  That's over the LAN though.  The remote is kind of pokey over the internet.  It's okay and usable, but it's a bit of a drag if I want to do a lot of FFW/REW.


          The only other comments I would make in favor of upgrading is that I like the connector layout on the back of the Pro HD better, and since it's the current top-end model it should have a longer support and compatibility life.  Right now, it has all the available options and works with all the available SlingMedia features.  It's up to you if that's worth the money.



          Hope this helps,



          - Az

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              Is the resolution on the Slingbox Pro HD supposed to be any better than the Slingbox Pro with the separate HD connector?


              I have both and I don't see any difference between the two.  I'm running a WiFi N network, so bandwidth is not a problem.


              This is odd.


              EDIT:  Got it streaming HD.  Better now.  The automatic setting under "Options -> Encoding" were insufficient under the automatic setting.  Once I set it to manual and increased everything to the maximum, it works the way it should and shows HD in the lower left instead of QVGA.  Hope that helps for anyone else that is dealing with this.


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