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    What settings are needed in Airport Extreme for Slingbox Pro?


      The fact that I can't get the internet connection for my Slingbox to work has me going crazy, and help will be appreciated:


      My Slingbox works fine on the home network (with the exception of the Dish Network remote, where the cancel button doesn't work), but it does not get a stream over the internet.  It only says Connection Failed, which I take to mean that it can see the SlingLink TURBO W1 adapter.


      Set-Up:  MacBook dual core, Airport Extreme, Westell Router A90 240050-04, & an ISP that gives me a new IP address every time I get on the internet.  Slingbox and Internet access are in different rooms, so I have a SlinkLink 4-port attached to the Slingbox, and a SlingLink TURBO Ethernet W1 adapter plugged into a wall outlet and then into the Airport Extreme LAN port  in the office.  I have tried everything I can think of, but with no success, which may not be surprising, because I don't really understand routers or DHCP addresses or NAT.  I have changed many settings on the Airport Utility, done port scans with Network Utility, and tried to change ports, but all with no success.

      What IP address and which port have to be entered, or how do I set up port forwarding?  Or which IP address is needed--that of the Airport or that of the router?  Or what am I missing?


      Please help if you can!  And many thanks in advance!!