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    Configurar señal premium


      Estimados, estoy configurando sling con señal de cable catv junto ocn canales premium. al momento de configurar la entrada compuesta me pide el modelo del decodificador, el modelo y fabricante no aparece por lo tanto no me deja configurar como entrada y no me muestra el control remoto.

      Si solo elijo coaxial me permite ver la imagen y control remoto.

      Espero su ayuda porfavorrrr

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          Hi cmalio, please make your posts in english, most of our users speak this language so you will get more chances to get help.


          "Dear Friends, I am setting my slingbox with catv cable signal and with premium channels ocn, when configuring the composite input it asks me device model, the model and manufacturer are not listed therefore it will not let me set the input and show me the remote.

          If I choose coaxial I can see the picture and the remote.

          I hope your help please"






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            Hi cmalio,


            We recommend you to provide further information (be as specific as possible). This way, other forum users will be able to help you with accurate information. What's the brand and model of the decoder? Have you checked this article?


            Read this first if you have an Issue with the On-Screen Remote Control


            Hope this helps