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    Connection Error W202


      I can't seem to find the the answer to this.  My Slingbox Solo was working fine and all of a sudden it gives me the poor internet connection W202 message.  I've read the this is a big problem but evidently Slingbox chooses not to put out any information to fix it.


      I've read and tried several box resets.  I get the 2 steady red lights.  Same problem. 


      Do I need to go in and somehow change my IP address on my router some how?  And why?


      I'd really appreciate a detailed description of how to do this. I'm running an ATT 2Wire router.


      Getting ready to toss this one I'm so frustrated.


      Any help would be appreciated.



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          Hi banks727,


          If you are not able to connect locally or remotely to the Slingbox and you already tried to perform a Reset and that did not help, I recommend to use a different computer to run the Setup at slingbox.com, if you are still not able to do it, try the steps that you will find at the article bellow. We also need to get some information about the connections to the Slingbox, is it hardwired to the router or are you using a power or a wireless bridge? Also, what's the operating system of your computer?  Have you tried a different power supply?


          Troubleshooting Slingbox SOLO streaming and network issues


          Let us know how that works