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    Trying to get Slingbox M1 working with a Virgin Tivo V6?

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      So I have a new Virgin Tivo V6 with HDMI out.  Going via an HDMI -> Composite converter to the Slingbox M1.  Yet no signal coming to the Slingbox.  Suspect it may be HDCP protection.  Anyone got this working?  Tips?  Am logging also on the Virgin community.


      Thanks in anticipation.

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          alanrichey42 Master

          Do you actually mean HDMI > Composite ?    Are you sure you don't mean HDMI > Component ?     If so, almost certainly an HDCP issue and the converter you are using is not stripping it out.

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              It has been three months since I last tried having failed to get my iPad/iPhone/Slingcatcher to log in to Slingbox and show video but only hearing audio.

              I have a second Virgin Media V6, which I specifically have for Slingbox as I travel to different countries whilst others at home wish to use/watch the first V6 box.

              Reading the forums, it was suggested to change the V6 setting (home, settings, video) from 1080p to 1080i.

              To get at and view the V6 settings, I needed a monitor with HDMI input connected to the V6. For this I took a HDMI output cable from the VM V6 to a splitter, 1 in, 2 out, taking a HDMI cable to the monitor from the splitter. A second HDMI cable from the splitter was taken to a HD Fury, HDMI in to component out box. Then the component cables from the HD Fury to the back of the Slingbox.

              Powered up. I have sound and video on the monitor, (V6 to splitter direct to monitor). I then accessed my iPad and loaded SlingPlayer and logged onto my account, and video and audio on the iPad. It is working? No.

              Reasoning that it is working, I then went direct from the VM V6 box to the HD Fury (HDMI to component box), eliminating the splitter and monitor. Now on the iPad only audio, no video, as before. It seems the only way to get video is to have the monitor (via a splitter) to be connected and on.

              I use the Slingboxes for remote access. If I go away from my home, I am not leaving a monitor continuously switched on, so I can connect to Slingbox and V6. Frustrated.

              Has others succeeded please?