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    comcast Arris TG852 phone/router


      Sling box solo has worked for years with no problems connecting. We just got comcast triple play. Comcast put in a phone/modem/router all in one. I cannot get the Arris to see the slingbox in the list of connected computers. I have 2 computers connected with the ethernet cables and the sling box. The 2 red ligths are on the slingbox. In the back where the cable is connected the router it has a yellow light and a red/orange light. The 2 computers that are connected have a yellow light and green light. All 3 yellow lights are blinking, so I think the router is talking to the sling box but there is just no connection. When I go to the sling box web site it always says cannot find your slingbox. When I disconnect the ethernet cable the ethernet goes out on the slingbox so it knows it's connected. I tried turning off the firewall on my computer and the router but still nothing. Anyone have any dealings with this situation?