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    Local network video has jitter/pauses doesn't play well


      I have instaleld the Sling Media player on both my MAC and Windows PC. I did this as I figured I was trying to avoid performance problems such as video jitter when I'm connected on my home lan. Well i was wrong! When I watch live TV or a PVR recording I get jitter. It's like the buffer is not working.

      I'm on a wirelss internet conenction as I don't have DSL or Cable Internet where I live and my uploads speeds are slow. But my issue is not vieing over the internet as I basically want to watch my PVR recordings on another PC or TV without having to invest in multiple DVRs. I have the luxury of working from home and from time to time want to watch a show on my PC while working. My home Lan is 10/100 and all the PC's and Sling HDPro box are hardwired.


      Why is my video so slow? Even though I have the player installed on my PC or MAC does it need to go out to the internet/ Can't it realize everything is local?

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          I have my Slingbox connected to my router with an Ethernet cable.   And when I watch the Slingbox with either the standalone Slingplayer application (on a PC) or via web browser, the playing is equally fast -- nearly 8,000 kbps -- with no jitter.   So long as the computer on which you wish to view your Slingbox is on the same local area network as the Slingbox, it shouldn't matter which viewer type you use.    I believe the browser-based system will figure out that your player is on the same local area network as your Slingbox, so the signal will be transmitted directly from your SB through its Ethernet connection to the router and then directly to your computer, staying within the local network.


          What I don't understand from your original post is how you are accessing the internet -- and how your Slingbox is able to communicate with the SlingMedia directory server on the internet -- if you don't have a cable modem or a DSL modem.   In other words, how is your ISP delivering Internet traffic to your router?