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    Sling for Web does not work on Windows 10

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      Hi, I have been having trouble on Windows 10 to get the slingplayer web viewer working. I followed all the procedure, it then said "slingplayer installed!", select from the directory, I selected my Slingbox Pro HD, it launched the application, but nothing happened. Then, after about a minute a message came up saying that the web application did not exist on my browser, it told me to click to install it, and then it repeated exactly the same sequence. It appears to install correctly, but at the end fails and you cannot watch anything. I tried with Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, the results are identical.


      I also tried with older versions of .exe files for Slingplayer for Chrome, and slingplayer for internet explorer. They all seem to work, then you get the terrible message saying that the browser viewer has had a facelift with lots of new features (pity they just do not work!), then it installs the new application and hangs!


      I have had various Slingplayers over the past 10 years, all of the desktop versions have been fine, but the web browser versions have been consistently fickle and fragile. This new facelift just does not work on Windows 10, can anyone help?



      John Lomas