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    Knocked off my Uverse, now says unconfigured and won't recognize 2-Wire Box


      I set up my Slingbox some time ago.  I have a 2-Wire 3801-HGV from Uverse.  This last week, all of a sudden, everything disappeared.  It let's me sign on, but then says my Slingbox is unconfigured, although the site has all of the details shown.


      In the set-up portion, under 2-Wire, there were several choices, not my box but at least a 2-Wire 2801.  So I used that and it worked fine.  Now, when I go to configure it, there is only one 2-Wire box, a Satellite Box -- 1022.  If I put in other and enter 2-Wire as the manufacturer, the set-up program won't recongize it.


      Any idea what is going on and how I can fix it.