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    How resolve choppy U-verse DVR playback?


      Hooked up Slingbox SOLO to U-verse ViP1200 receiver in bedroom that has a long CAT-5 run to other side of house where the U-verse Gateway and receiver with DVR are located. Slingplayer software installation went fine. Viewing live TV on wireless laptops on our home network works fine. But... programs recorded on the DVR (the MAIN thing we got the Slingbox for) are too choppy to watch. They stop and restart every few seconds -- totally unwatchable. And watching prerecorded news and sports out on our patio is why we bought it.


      Would like to know if anyone else has experienced this and found some installation or configuration trick that can fix it. Sure hoping it can be done, even if I have to give up some resolution.




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          Yes, is jsut got the Slingbox Pro HD and the same thing, it is aweful, any help on fixing this issue would be appreciated.

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            Here's  what might be happening, just a guess since I don't have knowledge of internal of U-VERSE other than U-VERSE routers uses QOS:

               U-Verse IP-TV traffic is prioritized over other network traffic and uploads (SLINGBOX network traffic) interfere with TCP download traffic because they can interfere with the flow of acknowledgement data needed by TCP protocol.

               SLINGBOX traffic might be messing with recorded playback data flow from boxes that uses network (all boxes other than the PVR one) since everything that is not live TV is not prioritized and most probably uses TCP protocol. Normal IPTV traffic might be using UDP whch doesn't need acknowlegement, thus not affected by uploads.

              But again, this is a guess and the cause might be something completely different.