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    Connection Speed From Hong Kong


      I'm received inconsistent speeds when accessing my Slingbox in the USA from Hong Kong.  It varies from 1400 Kbps, which is good, to only 200 Kbps. I'm using a Mac and the lastest wireless Airport.  So what can I do to increase the speeds and keep them consistent?

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          ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

          Hi Jonesdlj,


          The two most important things required for remote viewing is the upload speed where the Slingbox is and the stability of the connection between the Slingbox and the Player.


          These are not the only things that matter, but they are usually the ones that cause quality problems.



          If the internet is working well on your Mac in Hong Kong aside from SlingPlayer's transfer rates, I wouldn't worry about so much about your computer.


          Since you can hit 1400 Kbps, it sounds like the upload speed at the Slingbox is probably okay.  However, that might be a burst speed and not the real rate the connection can sustain.  I would expect something between 500 - 900 Kbps using cable or dsl as a reasonable, sustainable "full speed" target, especially considering the distance.  Again, this is dictated by the ISP connection at the Slingbox, not where you are.


          That leaves connection stability over a very long link as a strong possibility, and there's not much to be done about that.




          Here are some things to try:


          - Run a speed test from the Slingbox location if possible.  www.speedtest.net and dslreports.com/speedtest are two that I like.


          - When you're trying to sling, is there significant activity on the LAN back in the US ?  Things that upload are of particular interest, like VoIP calling, Skype, anything with webcams, P2P ?  VoIP and videoconferencing can make things tough.


          - Try watching from a different network in Hong Kong, either on your Mac or with a different computer.


          These suggestions won't solve your problem but they could lead you to a solution.



          Hope this helps,



          - Az