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    Can't get fullscreen to work properly on laptop


      Hi Folks,

      I've had a slingbox pro for a couple of years now and use it to watch my SKY HD box on my laptop. (Slingplayer Ver on Windows 7 Home Premium)


      I'm sure (?) that when I used to watch it in fullscreen after a couple of seconds the remote control panel and the window frame with the slingbox controls at the top and bottom of the screen would disappear leaving just the picture in proper fullscreen mode, and would reappear when I moved the mouse. Now however I have to explicitly remove/vreveal the controller and I can't find a way to remove the frame around the picture at all. I'm sure it's some sort of setting I've screwed up but I can't find itto reset it.


      Do any of you have any ideas how I can get proper fullscreen viewing back ? 


      Thanks, Paddy.