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    Somehow my viewer window is 1/20th the normal size in window


      The first window & now the second pop out window of the Player on my Mac has shrunk so small that I can't read the options to maximize the window or see any other controls. The screen is very tiny and it is impossible to watch in this manner.  I can guess as to which selection will go to fullscreen and that works, but in either the pop out window or the watch in screen option the view has been minaturized to a huge degree.


      I use the magic mouse and thought I was zooming in on the desktop, but I had actually selected the 'fn' over the 'control' key and scrolled as usual with my finger  to zoom into homescreen.  This is what I believe to have caused the problem.  My problem now is I can't scroll up and hit 'fn' to reverse it.


      Help, this is annoying me.