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    Another Slingcatcher completely died on me


      I'm on my second Slingcatcher hardware within two years.  The first one died on me with no warning and it was replaced and now this one has died with no warning too.  My wife and I left for holiday for 3 weeks, we shut down power in the apartment, came back and the Slingcatcher wouldn't turn on at all and it was working prior to leaving.  I changed the battery in the remote, reset the Slingcatcher, tried other outlets outside of the power strip, and I swapped power supplies as I had an extra one specifically for the Slingcatcher and no luck.


      So, has any techy out there figured our the piece that's the issue and has fixed it themselves by going into the case?  If Sling doesn't replace this I'll have to be creative because right now in my head after two failed Catchers I see this hardware as having a short life.


      Any ideas?




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