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    Can't connect remotely with mac


      My brother is having problems connecting remotely with his mac.  Sling player connects, starts stream, optimizes, and then suddenly drops connection.  We've tried old and new versions of the slingplayer software on his mac, I've re-done slingbox setup over and over.  I've open the required ports on MY router.  I don't know what else to do, i am not havin the same problem on my laptop pc when i connect remotely. 


      Some more information:  The problem computer is a wireless mac.  Remote viewing works fine on my labtop pc and my brother's wired pc.  I am in New York and my brother is in pa.  This problem is new, never had problems connecting with the mac before. What could be the problem? Do ports have to be opened on my brothers router in pa?




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          Hi, vaneldu79


          It seems that you are having some issues in order to get the remote connection to your Slingbox Classic when using Mac computers.


          In this case, I recommend you to run the Setup Assistant one more time and use the Manual Configuration. Even though you have the Slingbox Classic, the following link will provide you with the steps to follow.


          Manual Setup