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    can't connect


      is anybody could help me to connect my iphone to my slingbox?

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          Hi, cochee

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          If you need assistance in order to know how to get the SlingPlayer Mobile application up and running with your Slingbox, just check the following link.


          iPhone and iPod Touch


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              Resist Newbie

              I can only get my iPhone to connect to my home WiFi now, for some reason using 3G won't connect.  Even WiFi away from home won't connect.

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                  Can you only view when youre on your own network (wifi) and when you are not, it doesn't load? If so, I have the same problem. I'm guessing may be upload speed is the problem. Still looking for the fix though

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                      BrandonC Novice

                      There could be an issue with your port forwarding or internet viewing setup. It sounds like you have no problem on your LAN but an issue when trying over the WAN connection.

                      I would start by using your computer and running the internet viewing set and make sure that is all correct. If after that you may want to look at the port forwarding info here http://placeshiftingenthusiasts.com/slingbox-and-port-forwarding/

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                          Thanks for that link Brandon... But not sure if it'll help. Here is one of my problems:

                          When I'm on my wifi from home, I can watch the slingbox with my iPad... But away from home, won't work. Never had this problem. Is it my upload speed from my modem???? Any suggestions, please help... I have Comcast


                          It's work for 9 months, then purchased a new tv and moved one of my coaxial cables. Thinking it messed up my speed. Sound familiar? I didn mess with any of the settings at all