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    Explorer and Firefox plugs crash, Slingplayer no longer works




      the plugins crash both browsers and Slingplayer.exe will not run.


      Here is what I have done so far


      Hard Reset slingbox

      Upgraded to Explorer 8.0

      Upgraded to Firefox 6.0.2

      Left 4 messages on the forum (no reply) this the 5th

      Called Slingbox support


      They would like$29.95 to support (one call).  they "guarantee resolution"


      When I asked if they would refund my $30 if slingbox still won't work after their help, they said that "guarantee resolution" could mean that I have to puchase a new slingbox.


      That doesn't sound like a resolution a consumer would appreciate.


      Anyway, I wonder if the plugins are new and need some work?


      Any help would be appreciated