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    LCN & Channel Ordering on Slingbox-PRO HD SB300-113


           Hi all,


      I have just buyed one Slingbox-PRO HD from Amazon (SB300-113), and am getting crazy about internal tuner channel numbering and reordering.

      Maybe someone of you can help me to find answers to my questions:


      1) Do channel get ordered via LCN during channel scan or not (I have already tried and don't think so, but am looking for a confirmation)?


      2) If not, as a workaround would it be possible to get a list of channel found during antenna scan and navigate within them? I have tried with Slingplayer on Windows, watch.slingbox.com and slingplayer for iphone but am not able to get this. I am only able to get an image of the simple remote. This is even more annoying as I have to get crazy searching for the channel I want to see using only with UP and DOWN buttons between more than 350 channels not correctly ordered (as LCN does not work)!!!


      3) When I open the remote I only get a very simple model with numbers and channel UP/DOWN keys, nothing more. Is this normal or is there a way to get out more keys (as channel list, for example?)


      4) I am not able to display DVB-T HD channels trough my slingbox (it seems that they are not found at all). Is my model of  slingbox equipped with a DVB-T HD tuner or with a standard one?


      Thankyou in advance for your help.





      NOTE that I am located in Italy and are receiving channels trough "Digital Antenna" coax input.