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    Sling Catcher disconnect 1-2 mins


      Hi, I need some help, as I had use the current sling catcher to watch on TV fir years.

      Just from yesterday, the connection is keep drop off.'What I need to do is tufrn it off and turn it on again.



      The best time range is I can watch the Sling Box for 15 mins., then it drop.

      I had hard reset the Catcher, change the cable modem.

      But the problem remain the same.

      I also did try to watch it from the slingbox's website. The result is the same.

      I seriesly need some help!!

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          Can someone help?

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              I really need some help.

              As I had use the  Internet Viewing setu, it's the same, few mins then drop

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                  chakkarinen Apprentice

                  I have never had the problem you describe, so this is purely a guess on my part.   If I presume that your Slingbox uses more electrical current (amperes) when it is slinging video than when it is sitting idle, then perhaps your SB is starting to overheat when you start to sling a program, which eventually causes the connection to fail.   So, if it were my SB, I would first check to insure that the box is not getting too hot, and if it does feel hot, I would move it out of any cabinet and onto a hard surface, with the legs extended (say, with small rubber blocks under its feet) to move it higher above the hard surface, and insure that there is nothing physically above it to restrict the air circulation.   Then, I would power-cycle both your router and your SB (by unplugging their electrical cords for a minute or so), then try watching something again after the lights on the SB stop blinking after the restart.

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                      Hi I dis ask my brother to power recycle the SLingbox(source) But things remain the same!

                      Is it sue to the haredward'

                      s problem?

                      If so, please let me know and I have to buy another one now!

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                        Sorry about my typo,

                        Actually the problem is the speed makes my sling cable could not get connected.

                        I want to know is it the problem with the source part?

                        As I'm running 30MB broadband.


                        I test it from speedtest.net, I got more then 30 MB.


                        Even when I use a notebook to watch it by using mobile connection,

                        the result is the same.

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                            Hi, billykwok


                            It seems that you are having some issues with your SlingCatcher since it drops the connection all of a sudden.


                            First, we recommend you to test the connection to your Slingbox on a different network. This test will allow you to rule out the Slingbox as the main cause. Then, try to use a hard-wired connection between the SlingCatcher and the router. If the issue persists, reset the SlingCatcher and test the connection one more time. Let us know how it works for you.