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    Red X over 2 grey Dashs


         Bought a used sb av  worked a couple days now all I get in the video box is a  Red X over 2 grey dashs,


          It took a couple of days to set up the wireless bridge and to get through the U Verse GW so I really don't


         want to reset my set up if This is not a problem on my end. The guide is there and I think it's changing chanels.


          I saw one post on this problem with the answer to call Support. Don't want to pay $30. to be told I am no the


           originale user.


          Thanks for any Help.


        • Re: Red X over 2 grey Dashs

             Ok, Made it home to find the DVR died. So the X and dashes = no working video.


             (but some voltage over the svideo)


             Did power cycle the SBav and it keep its settings!!


             Going to have to put logmein on the Media Machine....


            Thanks for looking !