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    Slingbox 350, VirginMedia TiVo Box & iMac Mini

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      Recently I have been experiencing two problems when streaming over the internet [1] the "remote control" functions generally work as before but the operating lag has increased to 20+ seconds (i.e. two to three times longer than previously) and sometimes fails to work at all and the signal freezes [2] when trying to use Slingbox Desktop it will not pass beyond the "configure input" dialogue even though this has already been done (and Slingplayer for Web launches OK with existing remote).


      Technical details:

      Mac Mini (Late 2014), 2.8GHz Intel Core i5 running macOS Sierra 10.12.5.

      Slingbox 350 Firmware Version: 01.05.072 Hardware Version: 01.01.001


      Slingplayer Desktop 5.0.92.dmg & Slingplayer For Web


      VirginMedia TiVo SMT-C7100

      Broadband speeds: Slingbox location - 100Mb down/12Mb up    MacMini location 6Mb down / 0.75Mb up


      When experiencing the problem I swapped over to my iPad (from the same location) and it worked perfectly (i.e normal lag and all used remote keys OK).


      I will be most grateful of any help anyone can give me.