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    "Connection Failed/Problem Communicating"


      Slingbox, Slingplayer, and Slingcatcher had all been working perfectly for over two years until a few days ago.


      The Slingplayer Application gives me the following message:


      "Connection Failed

      You can't connect to the Slingbox right now. Make sure it's setup for remote viewing, and that the network router the Slingbox is connected to has the correct Port Forwarding settings."


      And the Slingplayer online says:


      "There's a problem communicating with your Slingbox. Make sure your  Slingbox is connected to the Internet. Do you want to retry? [Code:W200]"


      When I go to the Support page, my there is a Slingbox Status Alert, which reads:


      Slingbox software status: Warning (with a cautionary yellow radio button to the left).


      I don't live where my Slingbox is located but people there tell me that it's powered on, it's connected to the Internet, and that nothing has changed on their end since it was last working. I have recently moved and setup a new wireless router - I don't know if that would affect anything (i.e., ports).