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    Fast connection but low bitrate


      hi all

      I am on Tesco internet at my flat and have a fast speed (per speedtest).  At my house I have the slingbox uploading at about 4mb on Virginmedia.


      My problem is that the bitrate is slow on tesco (about 800). On a 3G card I can get 1500 !!   Does anyone have any ideas please as to why my bitrate is only 800ish?  It was about 4000 but wont get anywhere close to that now.


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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          Just a guess on my part -- from what I see searching for "Tesco Internet", this is a U.K. company that seems to specialize in providing telephone services -- perhaps by using V.O.I.P or something similar?   If true, then the Tesco folks might well be running some sort of filtering software on their lines to reduce bandwidth consumption by video streaming, in order to maintain the highest quality of signal for their voice services.


          So, perhaps a call on your part to your local Tesco representative might be the logical step to identify why you are getting low bitrates.