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    How can I get 10800p output and use sling box at same time?


      I have the common problem of using the slingbox and having a HMDI to my TV.  Can I split the coax coming into cable box and run one coax to a (coax to a HMDI converter box) and then run the HMDI output to my new 1080P TV?  The new TV has a tuner.  Then can I run the other coax input into the cable converter box which goes to the cable set top converter/DVR box and use the rca component outputs to the slingbox?  Then can I run output from slingbox rca components to TV inputs.  Can I tune the TV using its own remote and when chosen, switch the electronic setting control on the TV to watch cable set box DVR.  This way I would not need to use the HDMI out put plug which disables the component outputs.  I use Scientific Atlantic set top box.  I understand the limitations of the set top box outputs.  It is so confusing.



      Thanks,  John