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    mobile phone wont connect to sling box


      i need help my phone(blackjack 2)stopped communicating with my sling box.i p address,port,password r all ok,im also able to connect with my laptop away from home.everytime i press start my phone saids(error) unable to connect to slingbox. please help me figure out whats wrong

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          ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

          Hi Lakeside,


          Since you can successfully watch with your laptop from a different network, your Slingbox and router are working fine.


          The Unable to Connect error you have on the phone sounds like a incorrect or out of date Directory entry in the Mobile Player.  Try these things:


          - Delete and re-add your Slingbox entry in the directory on your mobile player.  (no need to do so on any other computer or device).


          - In the Directory entry, use SlingID to find your Slingbox, not the IP + Port.



          Here's a support doc link to help find your SlingID:



          SlingID vs. IP + Port: Your Slingbox keeps track of your public IP address at home (the IP address on the internet side of your router, assigned by the ISP).  This normally changes from time to time.  Slingbox also knows what port it is supposed to use.  It sends this information up to SlingMedia's ID server on a frequent basis so that the SlingID always points to the right place.  Using direct connect and entering in a specific IP and port is equivalent except it's not automatically updated.  If your ISP changes your public IP address, your Player won't be able to find the Slingbox anymore and you get the Unable to Connect error.



          I suspect that the Directory entry on your laptop's player uses SlingID (that's the default behavior), that's why it still works.



          Try these suggestions, then post back and say how it goes. 



          Hope this helps,


          - Az