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    No network light on SlingCatcher


      I can't get my slingcatcher to connect to my home network?  I just bought this unit from ebay and so have never had it working....the person I bought it from sounds trustworthy and said it worked fine for him.


      The problem is getting the light to come on at all.  I have swaped cables, power supplies (with solo that matches this supply), unplugged everything from my router except the slingcatcher, held the reset button for 15 seconds (when I do this the LAN light comes on for about two seconds and then turns off again...no blinking, just on then off), reset my router, pouted, ****** and moaned....nothing.


      My config -


      2 solos (one old)

      1 proHD

      Router: Netgear DGN2200

      DHCP enabled


      I saw lots of other similar posts, but many were issues connecting to the slingbox.  I haven't gotten to that problem....yet....


      Any help would be VERY appreciated!!!

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          Hi, SED8


          It seems that you are having some issues with your SlingCatcher since you are not able to hook it up on your home network.


          If the Network light is off, the SlingCatcher was unable to connect through your local network to the Internet... or it was unable to connect to your local network at all. Make sure that the SlingCatcher is properly connected to your router, or other network access point.

          The following links will provide you with some steps to follow in order to fix this issue.


          "SlingCatcher is unable to connect to your home network" error


          If the issue persists, the issue might be related to a faulty power adapter. In that case, use the link below for Sling Support contact information.


          Contact Sling Media Support



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              I have had a SlingCatcher for years and moved it from my boat to my home.  When I got home the network light doesn't light up and the SlingBox is operating just fine.  I have it attached directly to my router using dhcp, no static ip.  I reset the box and it sees the network, seems to go through all the regular steps and reboots and comes to the screen that says, "SlingCatcher" with the logo and doesn't respond to the remote.


              This is thing is unless.  I am in the IT business, so I doubt I have done something stupid and don't see much documentation on troubleshooting.


              I do have three NetGear HDX111 Powerline units in the house, but the SlingCatcher does go through them as they are directly attached to the router.


              SlingPlayer works like a champ.