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    New version of Slingplayer for Andriod Tablets


      Will the version we purchased for our tablets (I have a XOOM) be upgraded for free to the new verson optimized for Honeycomb?

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          Hi timbuckley,


          What I understand from your post, is that you would like to know if there's an upgraded for free to the new version optimized for Honeycomb.


          SlingPlayer  for Android tablets is an entirely new application that takes advantage  of the higher resolution display and has a number of other enhancements  that take advantage of the greater screen real estate available on Android tablets which won't be the same as the Android phone. It will be $29.99, just like our other mobile apps and can't be upgraded from the previous application.



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              I am quite disappointed by this move. I paid for the original version to put on my Xoom and was happy to pay the cost of the application to support product development. I have no need to have both versions and would be perfectly happy to swap the 'for phones' version rather than having both.


              When I bought the original product, it was my mistake to assume that the version would have a tablet upgrade rather than being forced into keeping the phone versioñ.


              Early adopters beware I guess but i really expected better.


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                Thank you for removing my previous post.  I will clean up the way I ask my question.


                What is Slingbox doing with the android client when Ice Cream Sandwhich is released?  The phones that will be running this new version of Android will have better/faster specs than even the fastest Android Tablet on the market today.  Phones now are coming with 1280x720 resolution - which is identical to the tablet counterparts.  Phones will continue to have the same specs as tablets as obviously phones are the better platform as it is being defined by the market.


                So I ask again, what is Sling planning with ICS?  Will you keep separating the "phone" version from the "tablet" version?  Or will you merge the two when Ice Cream Sandwhich comes out?  The answer matters because I refuse to buy one of each and I don't want to buy the wrong one.

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                my slingplayer on my htc evo my android is not working but when i go to the slingbox website it works with the internet veiwing....does anybody know why this is happening...i just recently upgraded my internet service for faster speed and i had to take out my router n now i just have a motorola modem sbg6580