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    How do you access Slingbox from a remote computer?


      I'm trying to connect my son who is in the military.  I've gotten slingbox at home to work on two different computers.  When he goes to slingbox.com and clicks "watch", he is told that slingbox cannot be found.  How does a remote user gain access to slingbox?  He's put in my email address and the correct password that works for our connection, but he cannot gain access?  What is he to do?  Thank you for guidance. 

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          When you go to support.slingbox.com and log in with your address and password, does it show the setup is complete and the Slingbox is ready for Internet viewing?   If not you probably made some mistake in the setup routine, and need to run the setup procedure again.


          It can also be helpful if you have programmed your router to assign a static IP address to your Slingbox, then programmed your router to forward port 5001 to that static IP address.   Then, power cycle both the router and the Slingbox, and see if the support.slingbox.com page data for your router shows that it is setup correctly for Internet viewing.

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            Hi bdwhokie11,


            What I understand from your post, is that you would like to know how to connect from a remote location.


            In this case and as a first step, I would recommend to check the following link about that feature.


            Internet Viewing