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    Newbie with Directv and Belkin 1GB powerline


      I connected my Slingbox Pro-HD today.  Here is my setup:  Directv HD24 box is HDMI to TV and RBG components to Slingbox Pro-HD.  R/W audio compnenets to Slingbox.  My Belkin 1GB powerline shows amber which means 200 Mbps or less.  I can only watch video on low quality.  If on auto, that is choppy.  Either way, images are bad at best.  I have even tried my new Mac Pro that is hardwired to my router with no improvement.  Any recommendations as to a better setup?  A hardwire to the directv box and tv is not an option.  Saw somewhere where someone recommends usign the S video from the tv for a cable box.  Any ideas to improve my picutre would be appreciated.